Setting up IPV6 for Biznet Home on the EG8245H5 router

Yahya H

October 2, 2021

For some reason, it’s not configured by default.

Config screenshot

  1. Login to your router Web UI on The default credentials are Adminep:epAdmin
  2. Go to ⚙️ > Maintenance Diagnosis > Configuration file & Download your current config, just in case.
  3. Go to ⚙️ > WAN, Open your current config & take a screenshot of it
  4. Delete your current configuration, this will cut off your internet connection
  5. Create a new connection, copying your previous config, with these changes:
    • Set protocol type to “IPv4/IPv6”
    • Set password to your dial password. It’s included in the documents when you’ve setting it up for the first time. A copy is also emailed to you.
    • Set everything in the IPv6 Information block to DHCPv6
  6. Your internet should be back on now. Disconnect & reconnect your devices to get them an IPv6 address.
  7. Check your IPv6 status at

If things are broken, restore settings from the config screenshot, or restore the config file at the same place you created the backup from.